Know more about the region where we are...

Capa da Encosta space is located in the parish of Fregim, in the heart of the Tâmega Region and 5 km from the city of Amarante.

Let yourself be dazzled by this space for the enjoyment of nature, which offers you unique experiences of regional cuisine and the possibility to explore the vast and rich historical, cultural and natural heritage of the Tâmega region.

Amarante is a city that falls in love, ideal for those who like to be connected to nature.


Olo River, a tributary of the Tâmega, is an ex-libris of the region, being ideal for those looking for nature tourism and adventure. Its margins are bounded by agricultural territory, being one of the cleanest in the region. You can go for a swim in this river and have the opportunity to go hiking, mountain biking and picnics.


Amarante does not live only on the charm of its bucolic landscape. It is also a region marked by excellent cuisine and recognized for its green wine due to its fertile soils.


In the heart of the historic center, you can visit numerous tourist attractions, of which we can highlight the Monastery of S. Gonçalo (National Monument), the medieval bridge and the houses of the same time.


Still in the region, we can visit Serra do Marão, a charming and inviting place for hiking, climbing, adventure sports (such as paragliding), mountain biking and even hunting and fishing, and a visit to Viveiro das Trutas, Senhora Moreira and Senhora da Serra; Casa das Neves, or Lameira.